The Ultimate Urban Adventures are for those who want to get away from the tourist crowds and create opportunities to immerse in local culture.We offer enriching historical tours to acquaint you with the glorious past dwelling in the magnificent palaces and forts, and culturally enriching heritage walks through the bustling streets to have a glimpse of day-to-day life of this lively city where the exquisite blend of ancient and modern coexist. These walks are a photgrapher’s dream and offer a chance to capture the collage of culture, colour, attire and vibrancy of this city. Food lovers will have a blissful chance to satiate their taste buds as well with tempting Indian cuisine.

The experience can be as short as a couple of hours, or as long as a whole day, but in every case our Ultimate Urban Adventures tours take travellers to unique and interesting places. Our team of experienced, professional,and knowledgeable staff can help with all your travel arrangements to make your experience unforgettable. Why wait? Book your package with ‘Ultimate Urban Adventure Tours’. Be our guest for the “Best. Experience. Ever!”

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Client Reviews

  • Our first day in Jaipur our wonderful guide Madan Singh met us promptly in the morning at our hotel, he was dressed in a beautiful colorful vest with a small turban and white jodhpur jeans and looked smashing!!! He was extremely professional and knowledgable and took us to the flower market which was the perfect way to start the day. From there we went to the Amber Fort, at stop to look at jewelry and other sites. Great lunch at the Restaurant which he recommended. Then we went to a hand block printing store where they showed the technique and we actually did a block print ourselves. He took us a Hindu temple on the festival of Shiva and we saw the Princes there which was very exciting. He took us to all the places we wanted to go and was patient and gracious the whole time. In short he made our first time in Jaipur incredibly memorable. I can’t thank him enough or recommend a better guide.

    Darelen, USA
  • We were so lucky to have Madan as our guide in Jaipur. Of the guides we were assigned in each city (Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur), Madan was, hands-down, the friendliest and the most jovial, courteous, and vigorous. Both my wife and I consider ourselves bona fide introverts, but Madan sure proved that he has a knack to make anyone comfortable from the get go, for we found ourselves happily yacking away from the moment we first shook hands at our hotel and throughout the tour.

    Being intimately associated with the city of Jaipur and the state of Rajasthan, Madan demonstrated a clear aptitude for recounting the area’s rich history and lore, attraction by attraction. While some guides like to breeze from one place of interest to another to wrap things up faster and ahead of schedule and yet some others get too caught up in laying out the exposition (resulting in delays), Madan sure kept a brilliant pace, always availing us enough time to soak in the brilliance and beauty of each attraction while clearly orating the need-to-knows associated with each attraction (peppered here and there with lighthearted jests).

    Birndra , Sri Lanka