About US

The Ultimate Urban Adventures provides day tours that support family-run businesses, local communities and small business ventures.
This support continues to maximise the economic benefit of cultural tourism to local communities and families that showcase the rich traditions of festivities and rituals, architecture and history, performing arts and health and wellbeing practices.
The Ultimate Urban Adventures donate a percentage of profits and time to selected community development programs. All contributions assist the ongoing sustainability and to increase local participation, particularly those marginalised, whilst supporting the community to gain broader skills and promote and preserve local indigenous art and culture.

With over 15 years experience in tourism and management our services are complemented by our trained professional and multilingual local leaders, access to unique and authentic tours with activities designed to ensure a safe cultural immersion into India’s diverse lifestyle.
Whether visitors are travelling on a budget, weaving their way through the local train and bus system or utilising a private vehicle and driver, we offer tried and tested day trip itineraries that ensure the journey is an unforgettable experience.
Visitors can personalise their journey with optional activities to follow their personal interests, or just step back in time enjoying newly found friends with the freedom and flexibility of small group tours.

Trip itineraries balance responsible travel, comfort and safety utilising our experience and network to eliminate the maddening and confusing aspects of travelling through this vase and complex land.