Responsible Travel

At Ultimate Urban Adventures, ‘Responsible Travel’ is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments.

The Responsible Traveller prefers smaller groups and believes that travelling with respect earns them respect. They don’t like being herded about in a large group like nameless faces and understand that travelling in smaller groups makes local people and cultures more accessible. They want deeper meaning, real travel experiences and value authenticity, rather than those created for tourism.
The Responsible Traveller believes that they can grow as individuals through these experiences, and that their trip can make a positive contribution towards conserving global diversity.

If you travel for learning, relaxation, fulfilment, discovery or adventure then Ultimate Urban Adventures is for YOU!

Our tours supports family-run businesses, local communities and small ventures. We use local drivers, guides, restaurants and local families. This support continues to maximise the economic benefit of tourism to local communities. You can also support local culture and tradition by watching and enjoying local performances and purchasing locally made products.

We ask you to remain open minded about development and poverty in local areas, and respect that the local people may wish to develop economically and gain access to material possessions that we take for granted. A role you can play is to share some of the realities of our western culture, which while may be materially rich is often lacking in spiritually and community awareness. Assist people to achieve a balanced view of development.

Environment and Sustainability:
In an age where the opportunity to travel has never been so easy, international travel is no longer a luxury. Tourism is now the world’s fastest growing industry. With this proliferation of travel comes a heavy responsibility on all travellers to ensure that the heritage and environment of those nations we seek to explore does not disintegrate under the rapid influx of new visitors.

Care for the environment as you would do back home. This leaves a positive impression, interaction and education with the locals.

Simple ways to help:
While shopping use material bags instead of plastic bags.
Walk on existing paths to stop further degradation of soil.
Do not feed wildlife – this creates dependencies and aggression among wild animals.
Refrain from picking flowers and plants.
Smoking is now illegal in public places.

Cultural Considerations:
The constant mixing of various cultures and traditions has been a prized possession from the beginning of history to conquer and occupy. Being sensitive and considerate will be greatly appreciated and ensure an enjoyable trip. A flexible approach, relaxed and fun attitude will help you in all situations.

Local Language and Interaction:
Learn a few commonly used local language. This helps break the ice and displays your appreciation for the local language. Show respect and behave modestly – and remember social etiquette is very important in local culture.

“Remember that no contribution is too small and enjoy your trip”